Do You Sleepwalk?

A support forum for sleepwalkers, founded by April and John Hudson and featured in episode 01 of our series. Check it out at

Andrew Hollace

Back in 1986, a research student visiting from Toronto went missing in the forest near Precipice Hill. His disappearance seems to be at the center of the rumours surrounding this town, we’ve be reached out to the university, hopefully we’ll have more information soon. Stay tuned.

Precipice Hill

Ethan’s home in the Escarpment seems to be a pretty standard small town at first glance. Looking a little deeper reveals an unusual history of myths and legends, especially surrounding the nearby forest.

Ethan’s Posters

Ethan has started sharing posters with images from one of his body camera videos. If you recognize anyone give him a call, or send him a message on, he’ll be starting a thread there.

The Ghoul

Here is the poster that is hung around Precipice Hill in nearly every shop we went in to. The legend seems to bring a steady stream of tourists to the town.

Research Study 1986

We’ve begun looking through the materials Prof. Hood provided us about the study from 1986. We’ll be updating this section when we find anything interesting.