Episode 04: Aftermath

After what happened last week, we've decided to revisit the interviews we conducted with the residents of Precipice Hill. Urban legends and half-remembered histories that seemed ridiculous at first are feeling like they might be worth taking more seriously now. Meanwhile, Ethan has started taking steps to find the other sleepwalkers from the woods.


Ethan’s Posters

Ethan has gone back to his old body-camera videos to pull stills of sleepwalkers he’s passed.

He’ll be hanging them around town, but if you recognize anyone, please give him a call, or visit the post he’ll be making on the doyousleepwalk forum.


Andrew Hollace

We still can’t find any evidence that a seedy government experiment was conducted here, but in that same time frame a university made a trip to the area surrounding Precipice Hill. One of the students accompanying them, Andrew Hollace, went missing in the woods and was never seen again. We’re looking further into this story and will keep you posted about any new developments as we learn them.