Episode 02: The Town

When we set out to create Blackout, we'd planned to produce a series about sleep conditions and everything that relates to them. However, after the videos Ethan has shared with us, it was clear that his story was what we wanted to explore. Little did we know that Ethan's town of Precipice Hill may be connected to his story in ways we weren't expecting.


Precipice Hill

After a phone call with the local police, we learned that this small town has a reputation for hoaxes and paranormal sightings. We spoke with the community to try and learn what urban legends have become tied in with the town’s history.


The Ghoul

The centrepiece of all the mysteries in the town, the “Precipice Hill Ghoul” is a bigfoot-like creature that supposedly lives in the near-by woods. Although we were able to confirm that animal attacks seem to be common around the area, we can’t find any evidence to suggest that “children are being snatched up in the middle of the night.” As we heard, it seems to be a fun little ghost story, and one that comes with a small amount of tourism.