Episode 05: Research

This week we're in Toronto, Ontario interviewing George Hood, the professor who was in charge of the study in Precipice Hill in 1986. We're hoping he can shed some light on the disappearance of Andrew Hollace, one of the interns participating in that study.

We also have an update for our viewers who live in the area. Several safety concerns need to be addressed.


Andrew Hollace

Andrew was a member of the research study with George Hood in 1986. One evening he went missing in the woods outside of Precipice Hill.

Currently, his disappearance is the oldest reference to strange phenomenon in the area we’ve been able to track down. We’re hoping something in the materials Prof. Hood provided us will be able to shed some light on what the connection between the two events might be.


Strange Men

Talia has been noticing men loitering in the parking lot of the motel we’ve been staying in. From what she can tell, they have been keeping an eye on our rooms late at night.

If these are viewers of our channel, we’re asking you to stop coming to the motel and leave us alone while we continue our investigation. We will be calling the police if this happens again.